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My background has always included Sport, Psychology and Healthy Eating.


From a young age I played all sorts of sports, in school netball and athletics, then through college playing netball, football and Hockey.


In college, I gained an A level in Psychology learning how people's behaviour affects their current and future being and how their past can be freed to create their future. After college, my love of Sport propelled me to gain a 2 year Higher National Diploma in Leisure Management. These 2 years were great for self-development and learning in which direction I wanted to take my life. During this time I lived the student lifestyle, eating and drinking and not really paying attention to what I ate and how it affected me.


I came home with my HND a stone heavier than when I left.


When back with careful eating, planning and exercise I lost the stone but this taught me about how important food is in our lives. I didn’t, however, go straight into the Leisure industry but into the Car Industry , during this time I passed my qualification in Exercise To Music and taught aerobics 2 nights a week diligently.


I came back to my love of psychology and while working in the car industry full-time and having a family I studied and passed as an Advanced Level Life Coach Level 4 at Distinction Level. I learnt a lot while studying this course and my outlook on life changed. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives and to be able to help them move forwards in life to create a better future.


Call it fate , but in 2012 I was made redundant and I launched Elite Life. I wanted to help people with emotional issues such as Anxiety, Depression and Stress.


Since launching in 2012 I have helped a great number of clients live a much better life. For my love of helping I wanted to offer even more so in May 2014, I passed my Human Nutrition Skills Diploma at Distinction Level enabling me to offer nutrition advice for healthy living and healthy mind.


I have recently gained a Diploma in Meditation and realise how a healthy mind can positively affect our daily persona. I am now offering Meditation Drop In classes and Medi-Tone exercise class, toning while meditating.


I am a member of:

  • Independent Professional Therapists International
  • The International Association of NLP and Coaching
  • The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists


As I tell all my clients “ the world is your oyster” go grab it with both hands, find challenges a positive and use negatives as a stepping stone to your future. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW.

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Do you recognise this?
Anxiety and Fight syndrome. Tensing of muscles, being very alert, raised blood pressure and heart rate, heart palpatations , ready and alert to FIGHT.......The brain will have triggers for ex from a traumatic or emotional memory, this memory and behaviour will be put into practice in the current time leaving th body and brain to think that the danger is here and now not in the past.
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When you no longer fear outcomes or change life becomes easier to navigate. Paths open up, you end up saying yes, and opportunities present themselves. The what ifs disappear and the current becomes your being, what if may never happen, now is....creation creates creation. Your future is already being taken care of and your energy will always travel. Navigate gravitate, levitate. ... See MoreSee Less

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